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Walnut Firewood 7

Walnut Firewood 7

$ 269.00
Inventory will be restocked Sundays at 9pm EST.
Please Note - Includes Beeswax finish. Battery and charger are not included but can be added as options below:
(US orders only!)


The Firewood 7 is built around a totally redesigned heater and oven that uses hybrid convection/conduction heating.  Why hybrid?  Here are the advantages:

  • Denser and more flavorful results.
  • Eliminates the need to stir.  Conduction heats from the outside, leaving the inside uncooked, while convection heats from the inside, leaving the outside uncooked.  The Firewood 7 uses both to get even results.
  • Less Cleaning.  The screen is effectively a conduction heat source which means there is little to no resin buildup in the over/heater.

Other features include:

  • Super Fast Heat Up Times - Results in less than 20 seconds
  • Works with popular 3rd party cooling stems with an 8mm (0.315") inside diameter and up to 12.7mm (0.5") outside diameter. (Includes adapter)
  • Uses standard high drain 18650 cells (charged externally)
  • 3 User programmable temperature settings
  • Fully retractable mouthpiece
  • Glass/Ceramic vapor path
  • Vibration feedback, no distracting lights
  • Discreet pocketable form factor
  • Made in the USA (MA)
  • 1 year limited warranty as detailed in the manual

Black Walnut has a natural color that can range from medium to very dark brown and can potentially show a large range of colors within one piece.

Finishes:  The most basic version (unfinished) is shaped and rough sanded with no finish applied.  The Beeswax/Mineral Oil version is fine sanded then given a coat of 100% natural beeswax and mineral oil blend to give it a smother, richer appearance. Please allow an extra day or two for processing when ordering Beeswax oil finish.

Includes: 1 Firewood 7, 2 alcohol pads (for cleaning parts), extra oring, mouthpiece adapter (glass tube with silicone fitting), green glass cooling mouthpiece and manual.

PLEASE NOTE - The battery MUST be an 18650 cell rated for at least 20 Amps of continuous discharge current.  The charger MUST be intended for 18650 cells and must include circuit protections to prevent over-charging and over-discharging.


Loading Funnel!

loading funnel

3D print the loading funnel above using this free STL file. (sorry, these are not available for sale)


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