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How do you load the fw5?

First use a grinder to prepare your flower.  Then load one:
Load one
Or load five:
Load five

How do you take apart the fw5 for cleaning?
First remove the tray:
remove tray
Then the mouthpiece
remove mp
Disassemble the mouthpiece:
disassemble mp
Use the included tool to push the tubular tube down:
push tubular tube down
Remove the tubular tube and orings:
remove tube and orings
Clean the orings, ceramic, and glass parts with isopropyl alcohol.

How do you reassemble the fw5?
Place the 2 top orings into position using the tool to help:
replace 2 top orings 
Insert the tray:
insert tray
Insert the tubular tube:
Insert tubular tube
Push the bottom oring into place ensuring it is pushed down all the way around the tubular tube:
replace final oring
Insert the battery and replace the battery cover/mouthpiece ensuring it clicks into place:
replace battery and mp


My fw5 is charring material and/or I am getting thin vapor, what is wrong?
There is a good chance that there is an air leak. Try this test to see if there is a leak:
credit card test

If there is more than a tiny bit of air leaking or if pushing on the mouthpiece causes a change in the amount of air leaking, then an air leak is likely your problem.  Please try adjusting the glass tube tightness and making sure the mouthpiece is properly clicked into place (see below).

mp click 

My glass tube is too tight or too loose, how do I adjust it?
The glass tube slides in and out for travel:
mp adjust
If it slides too tightly or too loosely:
mp adjust

What batteries can I use in the Firewood 4/5?  Batteries used in Firewood 4/5 must be 18650 size and MUST BE RATED FOR AT LEAST 20A OF CONTINUOUS DISCHARGE CURRENT.  Using improper batteries can cause equipment damage, which can lead to property and/or personal injury.  Button top batteries will not work.  They must be flat top.

Here is a list of some known good batteries:

  • Efest IMR 18650 3000mah 35A Flat Top
  • Samsung 25R
  • Sony VCT4, VCT5, VCT6

Beware of counterfeit batteries!  Some good sources of genuine batteries are: (they sell individual, not just bulk)


Are the batteries used in the Firewood 4/5 safe?  I have heard that these types of cells are dangerous.  The greatest risk with 18650 cells is an accidental short.  The risk is due to the extreme heat produced.  If you shorted one of these cells with a piece of wire (i.e. connect the positive to negative terminals using the wire), the wire would almost instantly turn red hot and possibly melt before you could even react.  DO NOT try this.  That "wire" could be anything metal like keys, coins, etc.  The heat caused by a short could burn you, cause a fire by igniting anything flammable that is nearby, or cause catastrophic damage to the battery which could in turn cause it to vent out hot toxic gasses.  This is why you always need to transport these cells either in the device they are being used in, or in a container intended for the purpose.  You need to ensure that there is no chance for the cells to be accidentally shorted.

Other risks are from over discharging or over charging the cells or using the wrong type of battery.  The firewood automatically turns off when it detects that the battery level is getting too low, so over discharging is not possible.  As far as charging is concerned, that is handled by the external charger and must be done with a charger that has circuit protections to avoid overcharging (like the Nitecores we sell) and must be done according to the instructions provided with whatever charger you use.  The battery type must be a high drain 18650 that is rated for at least 20 Amps of constant discharge current.  Do not use a battery that isn't clearly rated for 20A constant discharge! (more than 20A is ok)


How can I get a copy of the Firewood 5 manual:
The manual is available here.

How can I get a copy of the Firewood 4 manual:
The manual is available here.

Is there a way to adjust the temperature setting ranges (fw3/4)?  Yes, here is how to change Firewood 3/4 temperature settings in 7 degree increments.

  1. turn on the vape
  2. wait until battery indicator buzzes are done
  3. click the button 8 times
  4. the vape will make 8 quick buzzes
  5. click the button 5 times
  6. the vape will make 5 quick buzzes
  7. click the button between 0 and 8 times:

0 clicks = set temp shift to 0
1 click = set temp shift to approx +7 degrees F for all heat levels
2 clicks = set temp shift to approx +14 degrees F for all heat levels
3 clicks = set temp shift to approx +21 degrees F for all heat levels
4 clicks = set temp shift to approx +28 degrees F for all heat levels
5 clicks = set temp shift to approx +36 degrees F for all heat levels
6 clicks = set temp shift to approx +43 degrees F for all heat levels
7 clicks = set temp shift to approx +50 degrees F for all heat levels
8 clicks = buzz back the current temp shift setting then shut off.

After you set the level the unit will automatically shut down.  The settings are saved between power downs so you only need to set it once.

How Do You Recommend Finishing the Firewood?

Only 100% natural oil and oil/wax mixes are recommended.  Good choices include Tung Oil and Mineral Oil optionally mixed with beeswax and/or carnauba wax.  A good place to start is by doing a web search for "cutting board finishes" or "food safe finishes."  The Milk Paint Company makes a good Tung oil and Tung Oil/Citrus Solvent mix that works well.  Mineral Oil can be purchased at a pharmacy.

Remove all ceramic parts before finishing (except heater).  When applying oil, use a qtip or small rag to evenly coat all exterior surfaces taking caution not to get oil on the ceramic heater.  Allow oil to soak for approximately half an hour then wipe clean with a rag or paper towel.  Allow oil to dry before use.